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Cleaning and Disinfecting

Pro Tips: Cleaning and Disinfecting

Did you know Cleaning and disinfecting are two separate actions and need to be applied differently? To properly disinfect an area, you need to follow these 2 steps.

Use soapy water to wipe away dirt, soils and other debris. Plain dish soap or any kind of household cleaning product will remove dirt, oils and other debris from surfaces.

The Rag Factory have specific products that will work against the COVID-19 virus such as On The Mark and Fight-it 32 disinfectants. Please check the Health Canada’s list of approved products. If your product is not on the list, it has not been approved for this use.

Rinsing and drying recommendations are important parts of the disinfection process. The area you are disinfecting should be left wet for five minutes before wiping, air drying is also ok. DO NOT WIPE DRY! This is a critical step that many people are not aware of!

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