Litter Scoop with Bag
Perfect for large cleanup jobs outdoors Ideal for parking lots, Drive-Thru’s Minimizes back strain Metal frame and base...
Fits the litter scoop with bag for outdoor trash removal Heavy duty vinyl bag
Lobby Dustpan
Lobby upright dust pan feature a strong and quiet hinge pin design on the yoke and handle assembly...
Pair a microfiber handle with one of our various base sizes to fit your needs. Extends to 72″...
Corn Whisk Broom
Made of top quality natural fibres 2 rows of reinforced nylon stitching and is wire wound for extra...
Aluminum shaft with durable pistol grip rubber grips pick up objects as wide as 4-1/4″, as heavy as...
Premium split nylon/polyester blend microfiber provides optimal damp mopping performance Dense 3-5 micrometer quality fiber removes more dust,...
Angled bristles reach into corners Split tip fiber picks up ligth dirt and dust effectively Remove handle to...
Synthetic Wet mop Narrow Band 24oz Cut End White
Excellent absorbency and release characteristics Made from a high quality synthetic yarn blend True weight mop Reinforced stitching...
10" Magnetic floor Broom
Great for hardwood, tile or linoleum. Soft split tip fiber, collects dirt like a magnet. Metal handle with...
18" Microfiber Frame
Lightweight aluminum construction Two layers of hook and loops for optimal pad adhesion The fast connect system allows...
Snaps on to all frame sizes Durable Heavy-Duty gage steel handle Black finish for higher asthetics Peg hold...
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