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3D Bug Remover

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3D Bug Remover & All-Purpose Exterior Cleaner - Easily Wipe Away Bugs on Plastic, Rubber, Metal, Chrome, Aluminum, Windows & Mirrors! Safe for Car Paint, Wax & Clear Coat!

This Is a specialized Bug Remover, formulated to effectively eliminate insect residues from your car's exterior surfaces. This enzyme-based solution swiftly loosens and eradicates protein-based stains, leaving your vehicle looking spotless.

Regular car soap may not suffice to remove stubborn bugs and insects that adhere to the paint and grill, especially when exposed to the sun. However, 3D Bug Remover Solution, paired with a gentle yet resilient bug sponge, offers a perfect solution for achieving a pristine car exterior. Simply apply the bug remover to the affected areas for an efficient and eco-friendly way to eliminate dried bug and insect remnants.

Not limited to cars, The bug remover works wonders on motorcycles as well, ideal for getting rid of insects after dirt biking adventures.

Size: 1 Gallon