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Bowl Boss™ Touch-Free Toilet Scrubber Starter Kit - Full Kit

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The Touch-Free Toilet Scrubber Starter Kit comes with one toilet brush, one holder and 8 disposable re-fills. This starter kit is the ultimate solution for keeping your toilet clean and fresh with the utmost convenience and innovation. The disposable refill pads are preloaded with upgraded cleaning liquid, and 8 refills are equivalent to two bottles of your everyday toilet cleaning solution making them a budget friendly choice. Use the scrubber on every part of the toilet bowl effectively from the rim, small inner or outer edge, barrel trough, and get a stain-free clean! The Kit can also be used to clean the other parts of the toilet, bathtub, sink, urinal, floor drains, mop pool, wash basin and mirror.

Key Features

  • Comfortable ergonomic handle grip
  • Easy slide button on the handle to release/ attach refills
  • Eliminate cross contamination
  • Features a hanging hole for easy storage
  • Comes with 8 refills