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Bulk White Sheets Wipers

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Original price $1,211.75 - Original price $2,409.75
Original price
$1,211.75 - $2,409.75
Current price $1,211.75
SKU WS-VSB-25-25

Wiping material made from non-woven fabric. These wipers are designed for heavy-duty cleaning and are ideal for use in industrial settings, automotive garages, and other environments where a durable, absorbent wiping material is required

Bulk White Sheets Wipers are highly absorbent and can hold a significant amount of liquid, grease, and oil. They are also low-linting, which means they won't leave behind fibers or residue when used, making them ideal for use in sensitive environments.

These wipers are versatile and can be used for a variety of applications, including wiping down machinery, cleaning up spills, and wiping down surfaces. They come in a variety of sizes and can be purchased in either a boxed dispenser or a roll, depending on your needs.


Weight Per Bag

Total Weight


Price Per Bag

25 Bag

25 lbs

625 lbs

48 X 40 X 38 Inches

$ 48.47

51 Bag

25 lbs

1275 lbs

48 X 40 X 63 Inches

$ 47.50

Size: 25 Bags