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Deodorizing MPC

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Deodorizing MPC

Deodorizing MPC is a highly concentrated all purpose cleaner that has been specifically formulated to work at a neutral pH. This unique heavy duty cleaner will remove the toughest types of soil yet is very mild to the skin. Based upon a fast-wetting non-ionic system. PCE Deodorizing MPC is excellent for all types of general cleaning; floors, walls, woodwork, windows, countertops, porcelain, tile, etc. Because PCE Deodorizing MPC has a neutral pH, it will not remove the wax shine from floors like most alkaline cleaners do. And, PCE Deodorizing MPC contains our eclusive ProOdor Control P.O.C. that keeps areas smelling fresh and clean for hours after use. PCE Deodorizing MPC is biodegradeable, innocuous and phosphate free.

Size: 1 Litre