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Janitor's Carts

Original price $239.25 - Original price $300.25
Original price
$239.25 - $300.25
Current price $239.25
SKU 3001

The janitor's cart is the ultimate mobile system for collecting waste, and transporting cleaning tools while keeping everything organized with convenient shelving and hooks. The carts provide enough space to store janitorial supplies with features like multiple hooks to hold brooms/ handbags, dustpans and floor signs.

Key Features
  • Accommodate most bucket and wringer sizes
  • Includes 100L heavy-duty zippered bag
  • Non-marking 4 inch casters on front, 8 inch casters on back
  • 6 grommet bag for cart 3001 & 3001G, 8 grommet for cart 3000P
Size: Standard