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LAVO 12 Liquid Chlorine Bleach - 3.6 Liter

by Lavo
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  • When used safely and correctly, this bleach can be used as a disinfecting agent and to restore pH balance to swimming pools.

    • Powerful cleaner and pH balancer
    • Removes scale buildup in pools and is broad-spectrum disinfectant
    • Treat with caution, use appropriate PPE
    • 12% sodium hypochlorite solution
    • Multi-purpose heavy-duty cleaner and pH reducer
    • Recommended for industrial use
    • Can be used to help control and eliminate pest infestation
    • Fast and effective disinfectant
    • NSF certified, DIN registered, and CFIA approved for food processing establishments
    • Use PPE when handling for user safety
Packaging Options: 3.6 Litre Bottle - EACH