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Napkin Disposal Wall Unit - 6 L

Original price $39.00 - Original price $59.75
Original price
$39.00 - $59.75
Current price $39.00
SKU 1620
The Napkin Disposal Wall Units make period product disposal practical, and easy to maintain. This economical surface mounted durable unit provides flexible mounting and ease of maintenance for partition panel systems for any type of wall construction. Typically, these units are used in schools, malls, hospitals, office buildings, recreational facilities, and other commercial properties. The ease of use, durable construction, and low maintenance of this product make it a popular choice.

Key Features
  • Pivoting self-closing lid
  • French/English napkin disposal label is embossed on lid
  • Pivoting door utilizes full length piano hinge
  • Easy to clean and maintain
Color: White / Epoxypowder coated finish