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Skunk Shampoo

PCE Skunk Shampoo is a mild fragrant shampoo containing ingredients scientifically developed to completely deodorize skunk odor and tomcat's spray. Money Back Guarantee.

How to Use:

To deodorize sprayed dogs, cats, etc., apply equal portions of both PCE Skunk Shampoo and warm water ONTO DRY COAT. Use enough PCE Skunk Shampoo to produce generous lather that penetrates pet's coat completely. PCE SKUNK SHAMPOO MUST CONTACT SKUNK SPRAY. When lathering is complete, bathe in lukewarm water. Reapply if necessary.

Works Instantly On: Cars, Farm Vehicles, Floors, Walls, Carpeting, Clothing, Ferrets, Any Surface that comes in contact with skunk or tomcat spray

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