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Swiffer Duster - 180 Original Starter Kit Unscented (1 handle/5 dusters)

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Featuring TRAP + LOCK technology, these pads effectively reduce the amount of dust and allergens in your home, office or elsewhere. Made with specially coated fibers that grab onto dust and don't let go, these Swiffer dust refills are extremely effective and conveniently easy to install. Simply place them over the end of your Swifter device, lock them into place and start sweeping. The movable head of the Swiffer makes them uniquely designed to trap dust from tight spaces. This pack includes 1 handle and 5 dusters

  • Swiffer 180 Dusters TRAP + LOCK dust and allergens (common inanimate allergens from cat and dog dander and dust mite matter)
  • Specially coated fibers grab onto dust and don't let go
  • Uniquely designed to Trap + Lock dust from even the tight spaces in your home
  • Use with Swiffer Dusters short handle or Swiffer Dusters extendable handle
  • Multi-surface Swiffer 180 dusters refills
  • Good for dusting electronics, furniture, knick-knacks in your home or office, blinds, ceiling fans and even your car interior