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The Reason to Have Extra Mops Around

The Reason to Have Extra Mops Around

When a spill occurs, it’s crucial to get it cleaned up as soon as possible. Having more mops around your facility or other setting can help enable faster response times to spills and address the hazard expeditiously. The Rag Factory sells a variety of wet mop equipment for factories, yachts, and a wide-variety of other settings. Shop our Canada-based cleaning supply store for mop and mop equipment today!

Mopping Benefits

Mopping helps not only clean things up after a spill, but regular mopping also has a number of other benefits. With all the contaminants on your floors, mopping can help sanitize the area, keeping it cleaner and thus helping keep the occupants healthy.

Mopping Helps Prevent Scratches

If you have hardwood floors in particular, mopping is helpful in keeping them scratch-free. Built-up debris can lead to small scratches that permanently damage your floors. Keep your floors clean with regular mopping and increase their longevity.

Make Your Floors Look Their Best

In general, mopping helps keep your floors looking clean, which isn’t only impactful from a health and safety perspective, but also helps keep the place looking its best. For larger facilities, having more mops around allows multiple people to keep their areas clean, and mop at more frequent intervals.

Your Mops Are Part of Your Emergency Spill Response Plan

Spills in the workplace aren’t just a dangerous slipping hazard, they can also be harmful to come in contact with or breathe in as well. Keep your safety practices up-to-date and your employees safe ensuring there are enough mops around to clean up any spills right away. Shop The Rag Factory’s selection of wet mops and related cleaning supplies today!
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