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4 Benefits Of Using Hybrid Vinyl/Nitrile Gloves

4 Benefits Of Using Hybrid Vinyl/Nitrile Gloves

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When it comes to cleaning your home or commercial space, you need to make sure that you’re using the proper cleaning tools. Vinyl/Nitrile gloves are some of the most popular and effective items to use when you’re cleaning areas around the home, your business, or any other space. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the benefits to using these types of gloves and how they can help you live in a healthy and clean environment. Keep reading to learn more and shop our selection of gloves online today!

An image of a person wearing vinyl gloves.

Latex Free

Nitrile gloves are an incredible option to either use in the home or in your business because they can be widely used by most people. Compared to latex gloves, nitrile is made from a different material, meaning that those who have latex allergies or sensitivities can use them. They’re also a pretty affordable option for latex free gloves.

Resistant to Chemicals

When you’re cleaning any type of mess, you’re going to come in contact with harsh chemicals. These chemicals can be harmful if they come in contact with your skin, eyes, face, or mouth. Even a continuous exposure to these chemicals by touching them through wipes or cleaning clothes, can take a toll on your skin. Vinyl/Nitrile gloves are resistant to chemicals and all the other harsh ingredients and can protect your skin!

 An image of a vinyl glove.
An image of a person cleaning.

Superior Strength

Similarly to their resistance to chemicals, these types of gloves are extremely strong and durable. These gloves can be reused, stretched, and packed, while still holding their strength and integrity. Vinyl/Nitrile gloves are some of the strongest in the industry and can be purchased at an affordable price through The Rag Factory.

Resistant to Oils and Acids

If you’re cleaning a bigger mess or need something that is more for commercial cleaning purposes. Nitrile/Vinyl gloves can be a great option because they are resistant to various forms of oils and acids. These oils and acids can be harmful, but with vinyl/nitrile gloves, you can go into any type of mess knowing that you’re able to clean while also protecting yourself!

An image of a person cleaning their car.

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