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How Our Cleaning Rags Are Made From Recycled Material

How Our Cleaning Rags Are Made From Recycled Material

Being aware of your surroundings is paramount to cleaning. At The Rag Factory, we are not just committed to helping you clean your environment, we are dedicated to cleaning the environment. To do this, we are selling rags made from recycled materials. Here is how we are doing it.

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Recycled Cotton

A portion of our selection of wiping rags is composed of recycled cotton. To do this, we reclaim the cotton through mechanical recycling. The fabrics are then shredded into raw fiber before being spun back into the yarn used in our rags.

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Why Recycled Materials Are Ideal for Rags

Perhaps no tool is better equipped to be made from recycled materials than rags. We all use rags to clean up dirt and junk - they are made to be abused. Thus, the quality of the rags is less important than, say, a towel we use to dry ourselves off after a wash. Recycled cotton can have a second life as a cleaning product.

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Saving Energy

Rather than going through the prolonged process of expending energy on the creation and dying of rags, composing the products out of recycled materials lowers our CO2 emissions. Because the cotton is already produced, we don’t have to create additional materials. We also sort the recycled cotton by color, so our yarns are pre-dyed.

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Cleaning More Than Your Home

At The Rag Factory, we believe that cleaning is all about recognizing areas that need to be addressed. This applies to every place we go, not just the homes we live in. With this in mind, we are involved with the distribution of rags made from reusable materials so we can help clean up our environment.

Extend your cleaning endeavors beyond just your household chores. Shop wipers and cloths made from recycled materials at The Rag Factory. These products lower fossil fuel emissions and assist in keeping all of the air we breathe clean. Contact us for more information about how we both can make a difference.



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