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Use Compostables for a Sustainable Future

Caring for the Earth is just as important as caring for our bodies. The impact of plastic on the environment has never been more evident, with the discovery of microplastic pollutants. Reducing plastic consumption is the logical next step on our environment’s road to recovery, but plastic is hard to replace in industries across the spectrum. 


‘Compostables’ are capable of undergoing aerobic biological decomposition in a compost system. The material or product must be able to become visually indistinguishable, breaking down into carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds and biomass. Compostables are specifically designed to break down just like any other substances in a compost system, at the end of their useful life. Compostables are usually made from plant, paper or other biodegradable materials to provide form and functionality. Replacing conventional plastics in the packaging industry can be made easier, efficient and even cheaper with the use of compostables.

Compostables in the Packaging Industry

The food and beverage packaging industry is an easy place for us to begin our mission to reduce plastic pollution, as we have finally figured out an easily manufacturable & sustainable alternative to the plastic used in packaging. This alternative comes in the form of compostables, as mentioned above.

The Rag Factory’s Compostable Products

At The Rag Factory, we’ve encouraged vendors who care about sustainability and environmental concerns. All our products geared toward the food services industry comply with Compostability norms, and are offered at an accessible price to any business in the industry who wishes to introduce a greener approach to their packaging and dining standards.

  • Paper Cups
  • Sip Lids
  • Cutlery
  • Takeout Containers
  • Plates and Bowls

Materials Used in TRF’s Compostables

Completely bio-based and certified compostables, our compostables are made of sugarcane pulp, providing consistent containment of liquids similar to plastic containers. A completely Recyclable and bio-degradable alternative to the much more popular plastic products, these compostables can be thrown straight into a compost pit, while earning your business good will for being environmentally conscious.

Compostables are in, what about you?

Using compostables wherever they can replace plastic does a great amount of good to the environment. Not only does this reduce the amount of plastic introduced into the environment, it also enriches the environment by improving the health of soil. An overwhelming amount of change in customer behaviour has seen the demand for sustainable products and packaging increase in the recent years. Customers will align themselves with brands that choose to exemplify their values and priorities. Compostability in products and packaging is currently ‘in’ with the conscious consumer, now what about you?