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Don't Get In A Rag - Try Out The Rag Factory Cleaning Products Today

Don't Get In A Rag - Try Out The Rag Factory Cleaning Products Today

Cleaning can become overwhelming and the burden of sanitizing your surroundings can get us down. But with The Rag Factory, this doesn’t have to be the case. With an extensive collection of cleaning products ranging from the high-quality wipers for which we are named to our new selection of cleaning chemicals, The Rag Factory is your supplier for all your cleaning needs.

image of a sponge


You won’t find a better collection of wipers on the market than our selection of microfiber cloths, cotton rags, sponges, and scours. If your clean-up requires heavy-duty absorption to soak up dirt, grease, or grim, The Rag Factory’s polyamide microfiber cloths can get the job done by holding 6 times their weight in water. For tough cleaning jobs, our dual-sided scours and sponges are great for both scrubbing and wiping.

Image of clothsAbsorbents

In situations where you need to hastily absorb spilled liquids, The Rag Factory has many solutions. Our universal 15” x 8” pads are composed of polypropylene fibers for strength and reduced linting in industrial cleaning contexts. Additionally, you can find spill kits that include these pads along with gallon pails, socks, nitrile gloves, splash goggles, and disposal bags. Depending on the size of your spill, you can select the spill kit that is perfect for you.

image of a broomJanitorial

Janitorial cleaning duties are distinct from just washing dishes and taking care of spills. Janitorial duties require a swath of equipment such as grooms, brushes, buckets, dusters, mops, and more. For maintenance of surfaces ranging from concrete, wood, and terrazzo floors, The Rag Factory provides sweeping compounds. Whether you are fighting germs or scrubbing for a glowing environment, we have the tools to get the job done.

Image of cleaning sprayChemicals

We also carry cleaning chemicals to assist you in the care of your automobiles, pets, and home. From your kitchen to your laundry room to your washroom, you can find surface cleaners and other cleansers to keep your home free of stains and odors.

No matter the scale of your clean-up, by shopping our cleaning products at The Rag Factory, you can make the duty an effortless affair. Explore our products today and contact us with any questions about how to clean up your situation.

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