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How To Effectively Clean Our Microfiber Cloths

How To Effectively Clean Our Microfiber Cloths

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The Rag Factory offers microfiber cloths to help you clean up your messes. No matter if these messes are from accidental spills or due to the hustle and bustle within your home, our microfiber cloths are easy to use and even easier to clean! Learn more about how you can clean these clothes and use them repeatedly.

Use Good Detergent

When you clean your microfiber cloths, you can throw them into the washing machine. We recommend that you use a strong and good detergent. No matter what you cleaned up with the cloth, you want to make sure that you’re washing it out thoroughly.

Use Cold Water

Cold water can help get out strong messes. Many people think that you should use hot water, but the cold water will still clean the mess and protect the integrity of the cloth. Using hot water can diminish your cloth's strength and therefore shorten its lifespan.


Wash On Low Cycle

Like we just mentioned, in order to protect the integrity and strength of your microfiber cloth you want to wash it in cold water and on a low cycle. This will ensure that your washer is gentle enough on the cloth but still strong enough to get out any messes that were cleaned up by your cloth. If your washer does not have a low cycle, washing it on the delicate cycle will work too.


Air Dry

After you’ve washed your microfiber cloth in cold water on the low (or delicate) cycle, you want to make sure that you are air drying your clothes. You can either hand dry them or simply put them in the dryer on the “air” or “cold” dry setting.  You want to make sure that you’re not using any heat on them, both when it's being washed and dried. 


 Make sure that you’re getting the best of the best with our microfiber cloths. You can shop for these clothes online. The Rag Factory has all of the cleaning supplies that you need, at an affordable price! Get yours today!

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